Tiny Yogi

In search of a gentle yoga flow… I stumble upon a male Vinyasa yoga instructor online in sweatshirt and shorts lying supine in Supta Badokonasana, a reclining, restful pose.. Suddenly she’s there… peering over my shoulder….

Daughter: What the hell is he doing?

Me: It’s Supta Badokonasana.

Daughter: No it’s how you look when you don’t have any money for child maintenance..

Me: It’s a restorative pose, very calming, good for the hips..

Daughter: Way too much information..

The yoga instructor gets to his feet….. takes off his sweatshirt..

Daughter: What the..?!

Me: I guess its hot where he is….

Daughter: You fancy him.

Me: He’s cute…compact and cute..

Daughter: He’s a hobbit.

Me: Well I think he’s really cute..

Daughter: He’s a hobbit. On a yoga mat.


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