The Mating Season

Me: Are you interested in anyone at school?

She looks horrified….

Me: It’s OK if you are…I mean it’s natural..

Daughter: Are you REALLY having this conversation with me?

Me: All I’m trying to say is…you’re 16 soon….it’s to be expected that you might be taking more interest in the opposite sex or the same..

Daughter: What do you mean…the same?

Me: I mean…it’s OK to be whatever you are…straight or gay or inbetween…

Her mouth is a huge black hole…..

Me: I love you…no matter what…

Daughter: I’m not a lesbian mum

Me: It’s OK if you are..

Daughter: Mother, I am not a lesbian..

Me: I’m just saying.…

Daughter: Are you trying to push me into lesbianism mother…

Me: Of course not….

Daughter: I swear if you make me a rainbow coloured birthday cake for my 16th I will shoot you..


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