Last Day in Malaga

She’ll be making her way home from Uni as I watch the sun fade over Torre del Mar…I check in via email since she’s SIM card – free and has been for a long long while…(a daughter’s creatively cruel, utterly absurd and potent act of rebellion)…

I try in vain to keep things short and sugar-free … 

Me: Hope everything’s fine @home & Uni. Did you say sweets &hot chocolate from Spain? 😊xxX
Daughter: And clothes. No need for kisses. Stop that.
Me: X X x x x x x x xX x x x x x x

UCAS 2019

Me: So what are your thoughts regarding university?

Daughter: Don’t have any..

Me: What?

Daughter: Thoughts..

Me: I’m serious. LCC – UAL?

Daughter: What is that? Some kind of cryptic fucking morse code?

Me: Stop being silly. Where would you like to study?

Daughter: Beijing




A parcel from Amazon addressed to her…So quickly it happens, the transition from child to adult, an assertion of one’s right to privacy… 

Me: Anything exciting?

Daughter: Ammunition


Wet Wet Wet

She’s off to meet a friend in heavy autumn rain…I offer her shelter from the storm….

Daughter: I have dark circles under my eyes. Do I look like the kind of person who would use an umbrella with love-hearts on it?