Portrait of Us

Me: What have you done to my Om?


Daughter: Umm…



A parcel from Amazon addressed to her…So quickly it happens, the transition from child to adult, an assertion of one’s right to privacy…¬†

Me: Anything exciting?

Daughter: Ammunition


Wet Wet Wet

She’s off to meet a friend in heavy autumn rain…I offer her shelter from the storm….

Daughter: I have dark circles under my eyes. Do I look like the kind of person who would use an umbrella with love-hearts on it?


An Unexpected Incident

Daughter: Something happened today

Could be a mother-daughter moment. She has my full attention…

Daughter: My heart stopped then started again on the no.59 bus. Then my leg rotated 360 degrees without my knowing until someone told me I was walking backwards and forwards at the same time.


From Here to Where

Daughter: Just letting you know, I’m not really feeling Uni..

Me: Thought you were enjoying the Foundation at Ravensbourne..

Daughter: No, I mean after..

Me: Are you still keen on Graphic Design?

Daughter: Probably. Maybe at Loughborough..

Me: Didn’t think you were that impressed when we looked at it last year

Daughter: I thought you understood mum. Nothing impresses me. I could get into Hogwarts and you still wouldn’t get a ‘Yay!!’ from me..


Not Sure I Understand What You Mean

Daughter: Bumped into two of your acquaintances in Sainsburys..

Me: Who?

Daughter: Bob and Ben.

She gives me a ‘What-the-fuck’ look…

Daughter: The point is..they had something very interesting to say…something about clever comebacks, dry witticisms and blah, blah,¬†blah..

A storm’s a-coming..

Daughter: Apparently, you’ve been writing some kind of blog