Wedding Ghost

Daughter: When or if you and whatshisface ever get married I won’t be going to the ceremony..

Me: What do you mean?

Daughter: Sorry, did I stutter?

Me: Of course you’re coming. You’re my only child.

Daughter: I wont be coming. The prospect of having to watch you engage in a public display of affection..oh no, no, no.. And then the so-called exchanging of vows…no, no, no..

Me: That’s what a wedding ceremony entails…the public celebration and declaration of love between two people…

Her utterly disinterested, glazed expression tells me I may as well be speaking Russian…with a little Urdu and Swahili thrown in for good measure…

Daughter: I won’t be coming

Me: You won’t be coming to my wedding ceremony?

Daughter: Why would I go to yours when I wouldn’t even go to mine. If I ever get married, the groom’s on his own. He’ll know where to find me.

She may as well be speaking Russian…

Daughter: I’ll be with the cake.



One thought on “Wedding Ghost

  1. Cassandra says:

    Errrr…. No! I will drag her there for you! Be with the cake? The cake??? Ha!! No darling Ade… the table and air can do that. We will be taking embarrassing pics of Mr & Mrs for you to enjoy. Don’t worry.. we will include you too. Lol xx


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