Bitter-Sweet Endings

I am plaiting her matted hair, grateful for the chance to get my hands on an unruly afro that is simply unacceptable…. even more grateful for the opportunity to spend a little one on one time with my daughter.

As I plait, she munches….and she munches….and munches…eating her way through a large bag of jellied sweets…

A few minutes later……. 

Daughter: I think I’m going to be sick…

I say nothing…

Daughter: All is not well….

I say nothing…

Daughter: I fear no good can come of this…

She looks at me pleadingly…..her eyes like huge ebony saucers…

Daughter: Oh mother..

I say nothing….

Daughter: Is this how it ends?


One thought on “Bitter-Sweet Endings

  1. Pasquino says:

    You can alwAys tell Ade that I can visit and remind her of the good old days AND the fun time we use to have when she was little……..I am sure she’ll digest the jellybeans real fast…… 😉
    Love your posts Bunmi!


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