She’s in the kitchen pretending to wash dirty dishes….music blaring from her headphones, head bobbing from side to side…she’s on planet Bliss….I tap her lightly on the shoulder…

Me: I’m doing laundry. Do you have anything dark to wash?

The water stops running…..slowly, very slowly she turns to face me…& whispers…

Daughter: My soul….

Me: For godsakes!!!


2 thoughts on “Troubled

  1. Sallly Carr says:

    Bunmi I love this. An inspiration to write down similar conversations in our house but my daughter always ends up SHOUTING AT ME ABOUT FEMINISM AS IF I’VE NEVER HEARD OF IT. Sal


    • bunmiogunsiji says:

      thanks for your lovely comment sally…get working on those conversations..daughters are so wierd and so wonderful..always find it amusing how mine actually believes she knows more about everything and anything than I do…when I say I always find it amusing…well, that’s a big fat lie….


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