Cry Baby

I’m on the sofa crying my eyes out while watching DIY SOS….My daughter walks in, hovers around me for a long minute, music blaring from her mobile. Suddenly she’s still,  takes her headphones out, steps up close, inspects my face…

Daughter : Are you…are you…. crying …?

ME: This is so……

Daughter : You’re watching DIY SOS

ME: It’s so…

Daughter : And you’re crying..

ME: So moving..

She looks at the TV….at the TV

Daughter : You’re actually crying at DIY SOS.

ME: See that couple..both dedicated health care workers…there was an accident…his spine was injured…and he can’t hug his little boy..and has to bathe in the kitchen because he can’t get upstairs…and she’s so patient with him but really misses him…who he was…and their house is a mess..and Nick Knowles and his team have given it a make-over… and they’re so gracious, the couple…and appreciative..and there are men in hard hats crying…it’s just too emotional…

My daughter doesn’t say anything for a very very very long time……

Daughter : What is WRONG with you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????!!!!!!!!!!


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