The Undead

Me: Why have you got dark circles around your eyes?

Daughter: I am not like other mortals.

Me: You haven’t been sleeping.

Daughter. Like I said, I am not like others.

Me: I’m being serious.

Daughter: So am I.

Me: You would tell me, wouldn’t you, if there was anything wrong…

Daughter: No.

Me: Are you on drugs?

Sometimes you just have to say things out loud…

Daughter: Yes. I’m going up to my room right now and I’m gonna pull up the loose plank under my bed and take out the bag of coke I was saving for Christmas, then I’m gonna do a line. After that,  I’m going to the bathroom where after brushing my teeth and washing my hair, I’m gonna do a line. Then I’m off to the pound shop to do another line and maybe get some stationery for school…


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