Daughter: What kind of name is that for a cat?

Me: It’s perfect. More to the point it’s…

Can’t help myself…

Me: Purrfect..

A narrowing of the eyes, a slight tilt of the head, the exaggerated arch of an eyebrow tell me I’ve gone too far..

Daughter: Stop.

Me: It’s a lovely name.

Daughter: I won’t be calling him that.

Me: It’s in memory of Baba.

She looks at me as though trying to fathom a Mensa challenge..

Daughter: Baba’s name was Ebenezer.

Me: You can’t call a cat Ebenezer.

Daughter: What about Klaus?

Me: Not happening.

Daughter: Declan? Bob?

Me: No

Daughter: Alfred? Tobias?

Me: No

Daughter: Ian it is then.



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