The Apple Sometimes Falls Far From The Tree

Am overflowing with pride following her GCSE results…a cornucopia of As and Bs and a BTEC distinction in IT…..

Me: So so so so proud of you!!

She grunts but I catch a half-smile before she has time to hide it….

Me: The world is your Oyster…not Oyster as in the card…but Oyster as in the world…it’s so exciting…

She looks at me askance…..

Daughter: It’s no big deal…they’re just GCSE’s..

Me: It IS a big deal….take that from someone who failed miserably in her O Levels….including Maths for which I received a U.

Daughter: So you were huge and thick when you were my age.

Me: I was academically challenged and plump.

Daughter: Anyone who thinks Maths revision is counting how many Mars bars they can eat before bed time is thick mum.


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