Young Musician of the Year

Daughter: Mum! Mum! Mum!

Me: What?!

Daughter: I’d like a piano.

Not quite sure where this is going…

Daughter: Wasn’t there a piano in the community centre you used to work in before they fired you?

Me: I’ve never been fired from a job in my life.

Daughter: Are you sure?

Me: Of course I’m sure.

Daughter: Oh…Anyway there was a piano in the centre, a black one..can you get it for me?

Me: Are you on drugs?

Daughter: No mother I am not. I’d like a piano

Is she serious…? 

Daughter: I’m serious mother.

My job is to encourage, always to encourage…

Me: It’s never too late to learn.

Daughter: Learn what?

Me: To play piano.

Daughter: I never said I wanted to learn to play piano.

Me: But you just said

Daughter: I’d like a piano.


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