The Future’s Bright

We’re on our way to the prize presentation evening at her school and I can’t stop smiling. She’s killing me with the marathon pace of her stride… but still, I can’t stop smiling…

Me: I’m so proud of you!!!

Daughter: It’s not that deep mum.

Me: It is that deep. I don’t care what you say.

Daughter: Coloured pencils and a voucher. So excited. Yay.

Not even her biting sarcasm can touch my joy…

Me: This is about your hard work and focus…. your achievement. It’s important and right that your effort is rewarded.

Daughter: Actually mum, they award prizes for breathing. I’m expecting something huge because, well, I’m pretty good at it… so…yay.


One thought on “The Future’s Bright

  1. erpasquino says:

    hahahaah, quality from Adeola.
    She kept quite in her early years, she is certainly making up the time lost now!
    bless her because like, it’s deep!!
    keep smiling!
    Carpe diem!!


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