Never Too Old

I’d like to wish my teen goodnight so very, very, very tentatively I knock on the door of her fortress…

Daughter: What!!

Me: It’s me

Daughter: I know it’s you mum…it’s always you..

Me: Can I come in?

From my side of the door I hear a growl….She’s sitting cross-legged on a bed covered with school stuff, adding touches of paint to her art homework, headphones in her ears ….

Me: Just wanted to say ….

She’s rolling her eyes…

Me: Goodnight ….

She looks puzzled…

Me: And that I love you very much….

And now disturbed…

Me: And..

She’s had enough…

Daughter: Wrap it up……whatever it is …lace it with a ribbon….and move on mum….move on…


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