Dinner Talk

In Sainsbury’s…savouring a rare and precious moment…me and her together somewhere, anywhere….

Me: What would you like for dinner?

Daughter: Sweets.

Me: No, really, what do you fancy?

Daughter: Sweets.

Me: Pasta and meatballs, homemade Lasagna, a stir fry…?

Daughter: Sweets.

Noting my displeasure she gives up on the idea….

Me: OK, if you don’t want me to cook anything how about….

I steer her over to the ready-made meal section…She screws up her face at the display of unappealing dishes…selects a Pasta Bake….and waves it in my face…

Daughter: This, mother, is what the losers get on Dinner Date…

Me: You’re not on Dinner Date.

Daughter: Why would I want to eat the food…of ‘The Unchosen’ ?


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