Age Inappropriate

My daughter, taller, longer, simply so much MORE than she was yesterday returns home from school in buoyant mood, her face and eyes beaming …I greet her with a smile… & try to get close enough to hug a cactus… 

Daughter : Why are you always here?

Me : Because I live here.

Daughter : Do you have to?

Me : Do I have to what?

Daughter : Live here.

Me : Don’t be silly…

Daughter : Anyway me and Sabeda are going out on Saturday.

Me : That’s nice. Where are you going?

Daughter : To a strip club..

I look at her as though she is perhaps someone else’s..anyone else’s child…

Daughter : That’s right, to a strip club…

Me : You and your Muslim friend are going to a strip club..

Daughter : Yes. Sabeda said she’s been living a veiled life for long enough. She wants to expand her horizons…


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